Palmyra Brands is a Flemish family holding company, which supports and assists the companies of which it controls a part, with a long-term vision and respect for sound governance. The keyword in everything it undertakes is always co-entrepreneurship.

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The group's equity amounts to more than 49 million euros. It generates a turnover of over 258 million euros, with a workforce of 334 employees.


The group was established in 1979 as a builder and operator of retirement homes and over time has become a leading service and care provider for the elderly. Palmyra Brands is  shareholder in one of Europe's largest groups of private retirement homes (Colisée) and constantly expands its investment portfolio.


The name Palmyra Brands refers to the holding company's origins and its family roots. Out of respect for the mother of the brothers Van den Brande 'Brands’ refers to the family's surname. It also indicates that our group invests in various brands, which each operate as a separate company and brand, but which are all part of the Palmyra Brands group.